21st Gardenart

21st Gardenart Shapes


Design from a new century

Breathtaking. An exclusive collection of luxury designer planters, available in either Dressed or Lighted options. From the quirky shape of the Caprice to the more simplistic contemporary lines of the Naif, there is a style to suit every taste, and a wide selection of colours to choose from.

The lacquered version has a multi-layer pearlescent gloss finish that is truly stunning, with the added bonus of being weather resistant if used outdoors. The dual function lighted planters are frost proof too, so they are perfect for outdoor use. With internal planting space and optional drain hole, you can either plant directly into the planter itself or use a plant pot. You could of course just use them for an amazing lighting display.

The striking shapes are guaranteed to add an instant WOW factor to any space, and are ideal for commercial indoor/outdoor surroundings such as offices, restaurants, reception areas etc. Made in Italy from PE (polyethylene), they are made to order and hand finished, with a lead time of approx 5-7 weeks.