Why Advantay Gardenia

Our planters and plant pots are all designed and manufactured in Italy by our partner factory who insist on the highest quality of product.
With many of our traditional planters it truly is difficult to believe they are made from plastic until that is, you go to pick it up, perhaps only then you will realise how light the product is.

We use rotational moulding technology to re-create the look and feel of a traditional clay pot, although we don’t stop there. Our simply beautiful Fiore range offers something that perhaps the UK market has not seen before, and that is a range of planters that imitate a turned clay pot but in a series of designs and range of shapes that are equally stunning in the home or the garden.

Our Nude range provides a beautiful selection of smooth surface finished products for the ultimate look in or around your home or garden. For something extra special, view our Designer Planters section and the 21st LivingArt section for shapes and finishes never before seen in the UK. A true delight for anybody.

We use a special and very high quality Polyethylene material which has an exceptionally high UV fade resistance, is suitable for temperatures as low as -50°c (Frost proof) and up to +60°c, (Sahara proof). They are knock and drop resistance, and can be cleaned very easily with warm water and a sponge. The products are extremely strong and sturdy and will not collapse, yet weigh only a fraction of a clay pot. Even when full of soil many can be moved with ease, although please do observe correct lifting techniques and bend those knees.

Many of our products are pre drilled with drain holes, although with the Fiore range and the Nude range we have left them sealed at the bottom incase you wish to use them in your home. Another carefully considered feature is the inside lip of our plastic planter being deliberately low inside the bowl, allowing you to bring the soil level up to and over the lip to cover it. This also stops your favourite plant eating snail or slug from hiding under the inside lip only to reappear for his tea when you’ve gone to bed!