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Iris – Oval Plant Pot


An impressive sized oval planter. The Iris is a large and fairly shallow oval planter with the gorgeous textured finish of a hand made clay planter. Big enough for creating a stunning display of your favourite plants to really make an impact.

See description below for more info on sizes


Iris – Oval Plant Pot

Model Height Bottom ø Top ø Capacity
IRI-36 36.5cm 60.5x40cm 75x51cm 88ltr
IRI-45 45.5cm 75x50cm 93.5×62.5cm 167ltr

All of our unique pots are beautifully designed to replicate handmade traditional turned clay pots. They are made with a careful blend of inert and 100% raw recyclable materials, with the strength and durability to withstand temperatures from -50c to +60c. Fade and UV resistant. Our pots are lightweight and typically weigh around 90% less than the equivalent terracotta pot, making them easy to manoeuvre. They are also very robust. Being rotationally moulded ensures they are virtually seam free.


Antique, Chocolate, Pale Yellow, White


IRI-36, IRI-45